Bathurst Goldfields @ Bathurst 1000

What are your plans for the Bathurst 1000?

Since I moved to Bathurst in 2012, I have always been amazed at the number of people that migrant slowly into Bathurst in preparation for the race. Since Monday, a steady stream of cars, campervans, motor homes, tents, pods and fancy 4WD enthusiasts have arrived. You always know the race in coming when Coles and Woolworths only sell soft drink by the 50 can slab and there are no Smiths chips available in any aisle. The atmosphere is amazing. You can smell the anticipation and feel the excitement. I know nothing about car racing but the Bathurst 1000 has successfully evolved into a family fun event with lots of added entertainment.

Living close the Mt Panorama, the race cars sound like bumble bees…..very very fast bumble bees! We can hear the practice laps, hear the echo of any crash or collision. It is all triggered by the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 we hear on race morning bellow down into the main drag of Bathurst. Bring on race day!

We are at the Bathurst Goldfields have been frantically preparing for the big event since last weekend. We are completely booked out and have a great bunch staying with up. Our new residence is complete and the guests are thrilled with the outcome! The new designer cottage has an exquisite view of Bathurst down the side of Mt Panorama. No race track but pristine views of the valley.


Once we started analysing number for the week I thought these statistics were pretty impressive. In the 4 days official days of the Bathurst 1000 we will be hosting 300 people on site and will serve 2400 MEALS. Our kitchen will be open from 4am to 11pm each day and 40 Goldfields staff will be on hand!

We are thrilled to have Sydney Helicopters  staying; along with 5 of their helicopters. I will be booking a flight – premium birds eye view of the track, cars and Bathurst Goldfields!

V__B806Bathurst 1000 ssyd helicopters

Stihl (as in the chainsaws) are also one of our guests. They are involved in the Grand Final of Timbersports, part of the off track entertainment. Another must see.


One last important event taking place at the Goldfields is Keith on his tractor……you will never find a happier man on a faster tractor! Good luck and ENJOY RACE WEEK!







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