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  • Bathurst was home to Bushrangers! Learn about them as you visit one of Australia's oldest cemeteries!

The educational programs we offer have been updated, modernised and aligned with the new NSW Curriculum for the primary years with a focus on Stage 2 and 3. We have created educational tours with a strong focus on meeting a range of cross curricular outcomes to optimise a schools time away from the classroom. For example, our new Abercrombie Caves tour combines outcomes in maths, science, geography and history. Our well renowned hands-on gold tours have a stronger focus on life in colonial Australia within a carefully reconstructed 1800s goldfield’s village. This tour exposes students to the Chinese migrant experience, history of colonial housing, changes to medicine and personal hygiene, problems with access to clean water on the goldfields and problems with food security. Primary students will be taken back in time to various rich historical sites around Bathurst to experience the true history of Australia’s oldest inland settlement. Our new tour locations include Bathurst Courthouse, original location of the Bathurst settlement on the Macquarie River, the execution grounds of the notorious Ribbon Gang, Bathurst Cemetery and the Bathurst Historical Society Museum.

The Bathurst Goldfields aims to encourage an understanding of the past by providing cultural tours to meet Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History and Culture outcomes specified in the new NSW Curriculum. We have a range of new tours that focus on Aboriginal stories, art, dance, music and lifestyle. These tours are available during the day and evening to ensure schools can access these new, innovative and exciting experiences. For example, the Aboriginal Art and Boomerang tour gives students the chance to throw a returning boomerang, examine a range of different types of boomerangs and artistic works by Aboriginal arts around Australia. Our new Aboriginal Centre and Museum will allow students to engage with all these artistic works then produce their own artistic pieces.

Primary students will be provided with investigative tasks to complete during their interaction with our expert guides at the tour locations. Tasks require students to collect, record, analyse and interpret a range of sources to create a meaningful and holistic view of life in Early Colonial Australia. Our curriculum resources come with complimentary optional pre and post excursion reading, activities and questions in additional to a range of school based tasks. All our tasks allow for differentiation to ensure all students can participate.

A video of some of our tours in action can be seen here.

We currently have a summary of each tour available to download below;

Bathurst Goldfields Cross Curricular Tour Summaries

Aboriginal Australia Tour Summary

Outcome Tables are available to download below;

Abercrombie Caves

Bathurst Goldfields Cross Curricular Outcome Tables

Aboriginal Australia Outcome Tables

Risk Assessments for each location are available to download below;



Bathurst Courthouse

Abercrombie Caves

Kings Parade

River Park

Bathurst Goldfields


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  2. I have booked our Year 5 “Gold” annual excursion with ‘Bathurst Goldfields’ for many years now and we always have a fabulous experience. The quality and knowledge that the guides and staffing maintain is second-to-none and the way we are all treated is always exemplary. The last couple of years have seen this incredible site progress greatly in its curricular links, facilities, quality and dedication towards providing an experience that will remain with visitors for many years to come. All our students are eager for our upcoming trip this year and, like previous years, I know they will say that “Bathurst Goldfields is the best excursion they have been on”….especially if they find gold!!

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